"West, whose spot-on timing and hairpin turns of feeling remind us anew of her remarkable talent"
-- LA Times

"Libby West is perfect"
-- StageHappenings.com

"simply outstanding, as is West"
-- BroadwayWorld.com

"The always wonderful Libby West"
-- Stagescenela.com

"The versatile West makes Annie a quiet force"
-- TheaterTimes.org

"Libby West does strong work"
-- Lalist.com

"Libby West perfectly sets up her character"
-- What the Butler Saw

"West is, as always, a joy to watch"
-- StageSceneLA

"cute as a button Libby West"
-- Tolucan Times

"The rest of the cast acquit themselves well, particularly Libby West as Dave's wife"

"West is great as Frankie, a damaged survivor ... West successfully navigates the shoals of Frankie's feelings: pleasure, panic, claustrophobia, desperation, joy and uneasy acceptance."
-- Press Telegram

"Libby West's Frankie was a wonder to behold...worn-down, barely getting by,...jaded toward men...enchanted, fearful, amused. She made Frankie majestic, in a disheveled way. "
-- What the Butler Saw

"Libby West...splendid"
--LA Times

"West excels in her engaging portrait of a rising star"

"A smoldering West anchors the play's moral conscience"
--Daily News

"As Elvira, Libby West delivers yet another terrific performance - fiery, passionate, and soulful."
--Stage Scene LA

"But it's West's Elvira who shines here. Her grief is profound (as her misguided love must have been ecstatic). Though her voice projects the agony she's endured on account of her flamboyant cad, she moves with a still-proud carriage; somehow she still has a shred of Scarlet-O'Hara-after-Tara-burns dignity in her."
--What The Butler Saw

"Libby West...is ravishing"
--Backstage West

"Libby West again delivers a strong performance."
--Out West Arts

"Libby West is a superb Joan Plowright"

"West is an actress who can do no wrong in my book...I am continually amazed at the way she disappears into the characters she is playing"
--Stage Scene LA

"Libby West's Plowright plays the perfect foil to Shaughnessy's Olivier...in the end herself delivering the most poignant moment in the play"
--Pasadena Living

"impeccable...Libby West's boisterous take on the the hell-raising Heather, an insatiable carnivore, is at once funny and fearsome."

"standout performance by...Libby West as a sometimes sarcastic, cutting cannibal who has absolutely no concern for other people except as food for herself"
--Talkin' Broadway

"West, one of our busiest and most versatile actresses, is the scruffiest, raunchiest, filthiest Heather you're likely to see on stage... That the same actress who embodied the small town beauty of Madge in Picnic and the Hollywood glamour of Lily Garland in Twentieth Century could play a character who makes Sigourney Weaver's in Alien seem like a girl from finishing school is nothing short of miraculous."
--LA Stage Scene

"the lovely, lonely Gerta (stunningly performed by Libby West)"
--Press Telegram

"Libby West is a confection"

"West is a double of the incomparable Barbara Stanwyck in her performance of the hard-boiled Lily"
--Press Telegram

"West counters with platinum-glamorous style and verve which she hilariously undercuts with guttersnipe utterances."

"West is truly enchanting as opera diva Irene; she has a strong presence and an easy way that make her a perfect foil for Capri and Ballard."

"Libby West, excellent"
--Los Angeles Times

"Especially vulnerable is beautiful Madge (Libby West)...Libby West catches Inge's nuances in a Madge who wants to be more than just a pretty face."

"outstanding...as Madge, the...prettier daughter who wants to escape her job at the dime store, Libby West finds a subtle richness in her character"
--Backstage West

"As Madge, the beauty trapped in her own perfection, Libby West shows spirit and range "
--Los Angeles Times

"Libby West, in a spectacular performance...Don't miss this one!"

"West dominates the play as the Electra-figure Lavinia, with a performance of scarifying intensity. It's the gradual destruction of her newly hopeful demeanor in the final act, however, the realization that she will never be allowed happiness, that haunts us like a slowly diminishing note of music as we exit this harrowing, brilliant production."
--Backstage West

"Stunning...[her] Vinnie ranges from repressed fury to accepting herself as her sensuous mother's daughter."

"West is compelling"

"sweet-faced, bubbly Libby West"
--In LA Magazine

"Libby West is terrific as Sofie, the ditzy pregnant wife."
--Entertainment Today

"Libby West returns as the delightfully ditzy Mrs. Cerny."

"West's Lady Macbeth is an interesting combination of sex appeal and shrewd aspiration."
--Backstage West

"West, Kelly, and Borba are standouts."
--The Hollywood Reporter

"West is positively luminous in the role. She scores both comically...and dramatically"

"The richly etched performances are led by West's multidimensional portrait of the betrayed spouse. West does a laudable job of illuminating the darker aspects of the story. She also excels at affecting distinct voices."
--Backstage West

"The performances were all top-notch, especially Libby West's Julie, the wife...She can be sexy, she can be snide, and she can be cold-blooded...Her scene as the judge is brilliant: she truly approaches madness."
--The Gazette

"Libby West as Madame de Tourvel communicates brilliantly the agony of one whose emotions have been set ablaze only to find out her lover is a sham hypocrite."
--Talkin' Broadway

"West's affecting fall from casual security through bewildered attraction to joy and despair."
--San Francisco Chronicle

"Libby West's appealing Roxane journeys convincingly from a vivacious girl swept up by surface looks to a serene woman who has learned the true meaning of love."
--The Denver Post

"Libby West is delightful as a petite porcelain Roxane."
--Rocky Mountain News

"Roxane, fetchingly played by pretty Libby West"
--Greely Tribune

"Libby West, as the love interest, moves easily from her early superficial infatuation to her later spiritual attraction to Cyrano. West's beauty stands up well."

"Libby [West] lends her pliable and lithe traits for a superb interpretation of Eliza Doolittle. She is wonderfully feisty."
--Indianapolis Star

"[West's] transformation from guttersnipe to duchess is astounding...She charms at first as the flower girl; she tickles when she makes her first entrance into society; and she oozes power and emotion in the second act. When she is left alone on stage in the beginning of the act, it's the most powerful silence I've seen on stage in quite some time."
--Night and Day

"major babe Irina (played by the delicious Libby [West]; think Julie Newmar) who reads tea leaves and looks spectacular in red."
--The Cincinnati Enquirer

"[West] as Irina is a confident, funny Russian beauty; she is stunning, exotic, perfect. [West] lets us see the real woman beneath the surface, yearning for a different life, but not at the cost of her soul."

"lovely Libby [West]"

"praise goes to Libby [West], for her eccentric survivor...If I want the Kremlin and environs as a travel destination, I'm going to insist on [West] as my companion."
--Everybody's News

"[West] is lovely and charming as Miranda."
--The Independent Weekly

"the arresting Libby [West]"
--LA Times

"Libby [West] knows how to keep a scene clicking. She's a dry, funny, dishy presence, gliding through a production"
--San Diego Union Tribune

"Libby [West] is a delight."
--North County Times

"Libby [West] plays the saucy vixen. Her Regina is an inspired schemer, refreshingly resourceful."
--Seattle Reporter

"The real star of the play is the mesmerizing Libby [West]. [West] is not only a strikingly beautiful woman, but she has a presence that's not matched by any of her cast members. The second she comes on stage, it's obvious. She's cool and collected, dark eyes burning like embers from her pale, delicate face. As the play progresses...she becomes a fiercely seductive femme fatale...She stands out from the rest of the cast throughout the entire production...[West] is absolutely enchanting."
--Louisville Horizon

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